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The Apple of Gotham's Eyes

The Innovators The Mission “They don’t do it for the clout they do it for the culture“ In light of Dominican Independence month, if I may add, what I hold dear, is that they’re of Dominican descent atleast two of them. To find this in the Cannabis Community is rare, however to witness someone that…

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New York is going to be New York, not only does the city not sleep but, don’t sleep on it’s cannabis scene and movement. There is literally something cannabis going on everyday and evening at-least till one am in NYC. We have underdogs that are award winning and we have underdogs that are deserving of award recognition. This is the page that will showcase that movement in all anonymity with all due respect to the owner of these incredible vibes and innovations dinners and entertainment. I will try to be as descriptive as possible to achieve total takeover of your imagination.

The 2019 scene exploded for the NY Cannabis Times starting with 420, The NY MJ Rally, The Expo. The dining and events educational fun, thirst quenching and addicting NY Cannabis Cultural Movement. If you know then you do if you don’t well. Unfortunate as someone stated at a vibe that you can’t get there on word of mouth most of these venues are invite only.

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