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Hispanic Heritage Month.

The Cannabis and Hemp Hispanic Business Alliance.

In light of Hispanic Heritage, I would like to inform the public about CHHBA (pronounced Chaba). I had first introduced CHHBA, in one of my articles. The mission that the Cannabis and Hemp Hispanic Business Alliance has taken on is to help include the Hispanic community into the Cannabis World Congress Business Expo (CWCBEXPO).

The NY Cannbis Times is a proud sponsor and Co- Founder of the Cannabis & Hemp Hispanic Business Alliance. We are inviting our faithful readers either to become sponsors or members. There are levels to sponsorships, and our memeberships are relatively inexpensive. The Cannabis & Hemp Hispanic Business Alliance, was born from the lack there of; Hispanics and or Latinos at the Expo. What is alarming is the impact that the hispanic community has had in the cannabis market, both open market and legal market industry is undeniable. The Impact that we are ready to make will be priceless.

The Creation of CHHBA.

Each of the co-founders is of Hispanic descent; one of our co-founders only speaks spanish, and within the days of the CWCB-Expo, he had noticed not one “Se Habla Español” sign anywhere (we speak spanish). We all didn’t meet until the last evening of the Expo, this is something I had noticed at my first expo to be exact at the Seed to Sale in Denver 2017. We all happen to meet at the CWCB-Expo Yacht Party, accidentally in human perception. We were all surrounding the Cannabis Business Award stage. When we heard the announcement that Happy Munkey had won an award. I personally know the founders of the Apple of Gotham’s eyes. My friend Ike, comes up to me. “Evelyn que fue lo que dijieron” “all I heard was Happy Munkey” (tranlation – What was it that was said). Mind you I am trying to text him as he asks me. I am like “dude you won! you won!” go get you award! All he can say is won what?!;The apple of Gotham’s Eyes

Meanwhile back at the ranch, several people where listening, it so happened that my future partners and co-founders where listening to Ike and myself scramble our thoughts in spanish, well in Dominican (Dominicans have their own argo, unlike anything you have ever heard before atleast in spanish that is) To make a long story short, (some of this will be on the Happy Munkey Podcast). We met up the next day had dinner and we sealed the deal Cannabis and Hemp Hispanic Business Alliance was born. It was born out of the right to be included, we have earned the right to be there at that CWCBExpo.

Today The Cannabis and Hemp Hispanic Business Alliance is on its way to the 2020 CWCBExpo. You are welcome to inquire join and sponsor, the revenue and recognition offered at this expo will be priceless. Below there is a link to our sponsorship proposals in english and in spanish, feel free to contact any one of the Founders, or email me at

The Last Prisoner Project.

And just like that as if he brought the heat from Jamaica with him Steve DeAngelo lands In NY for his Fundraiser.

A special fundraiser held at a very special event location. The apple of NY’s Eye’s, Please reach out to for donation information. The Humble activist arrived in what has become his signature project. The Last prisoner project specializes in helping those still in prison for cannabis in states where it may or may not be legal. Many have been doing time needlessly. Before I left the fundraiser. The last Prisoner Project had raised 20k of the 50k goal. Yes I did leave early, unfortuantely.Grateful to have been able to meet him. I must add that he holds a special place in the come up of the NY Cannabis Times. It so happened that it is because of his interaction on The NY Cannabis Times’s IG, that I realized we are on the right track; If we stay focused anything is possible. Now we are writing more than ever researching more than ever an not missing an event.The Last prisoner project has helped so many. What this man is doing is changing lives and helpiong me regain control of their lives again. It isn’t all about cannabis possesion, some were incarecerated for having cannabis business and saving the money in the bank. Some were incarecerated due to unjust state laws. Steve Deangelo is working tirelessly and succesfully. To raise in less than 2 hours 20k for America’s inmates is priceless.
Steve Deangelo, is a pioneering cannabis entrepreneur, activist, author. He co-founded several iconic cannabis businesses and organizations: Harborside, one of the first six dispensaries licensed in the US; Steep Hill Laboratory, the first dedicated cannabis lab; the Arc View Group, the first cannabis investment firm; and the National Cannabis Industry Association, the industry’s first trade association. He currently serves as Chairman Emeritus of Harborside Inc, a vertically integrated California cannabis company. The Man has been dubbed as the Jay Z of the movement. which i am proud to be a fan of Steve’s creative projects include a book, The Cannabis Manifesto; a Discovery Channel mini-series, Weed Wars; and a new weekly show, Ask Steve DeAngelo, on WE WON’T STOP UNTIL ‘EVERY SINGLE CANNABIS PRISONER IN THE WORLD’ IS RELEASED! as he said at the Happy Munkey. Along with a powerful message delivered by Fab 5 Freddy, another Icon and pioneer MC in the Hip Hop nation. The at Evening went on with out a hitch.
The Location of the Event. As we say in Memes today “oh Lawd” there is only so much I can say with one word let me see. Innovators, in the game. Game Changers, sorry guys I just can’t do it with out adding more adjectives the Happy Munkey is a have to be there kind of place to even begin to understand. Keep in mind that this location deserves it’s own article spread.
So stay tuned.

In light of lighting up.

#who is #killing us #cannabiscommunity

There has been progress in the diagnostics of what is harming our vapers. The Exogenous Lipoid. Pneumonia. “Shit” sounds so rare. It actually begs to try to repeat it.

So how do you get it in 2019. Well two people of the case studies I personally had to read. Hence I am a reporter.

With that being said here is case study

Case study no.1. 66 year, oil pulling, Via Nasal. Case study no. 2, the 38 year old also Via nasal washing. I know I’m not the only one asking what does one have to do with with the other. Is it me or vaping is the topic. I thought I had smoked to much and read the wrong information. When in a happy munkey space and the muses kick in. We must present facts Immediately!!.

Turns out that these two have been classified as vapers just because..the word “oil” was used. These two cases are sesame oil Nasal pulling victims.

In light of the situation. I felt the need to do my homework. The other 5 cases are in the works. To be continued. Clue 3.

The Vapes.

Thankfully many of us survived, surpassed and slipped through the cracks of this illness. Unfortunately 7 had to pass away to get the message clear that the vapes cannot be trusted. In light of the situation. What we are left with is new regulations new information and way more stigma than what we had started with.

I will admit as a faithful cannabis smoker, I am in love with vaping, dabbing, danking, everything cannabis, now my question is this; “was I the only “pothead” that realized these vapes tasted like metal?”.

I had one plug that had a vape “85 percent THC and 12 percent Terpenes And 3 percent CBD”.

What a plug! Guess what is the most important part of a good smoke is? Just guess? It’s the Terpenes. After my infamous plug never have I ever tasted a vape with so much terps, it was down hill after that; every vape I recieved, I can clearly say it sucked unless it came from a legal state.


Meanwhile back at the ranch there were many that weren’t so perceptive. Many that were caught up.

Many happend to be six dead and hundreds ill.

Let’s examine some facts and clear ourselves of some confusions.

  • NY health authorities confirmed Vitamin E oils (tocopheryl-acetate.)
  • The Diluent known as Honey Cut entered the cannabis community scene in 2018. Vape makers report using it because it’s cheap thickener.
  • These 2 ingredients have been found in most of the cart seized in this state.
  • Honey cut is used to dilute THC oil without thinning its viscosity.
  • Most cases are associated with nicotine and CBD and THC carts, purchased via “grey market”
  • U.S health officials are investigating 215 possible cases fof severe lung disease associated with vaping across 25 states with several deaths asociated to vaping.

CDC & FDA stated “people who use vapes should not buy products off the street, modify e-cigarettes products or add any substances that are not intended by the manufacturer”. stated the CDC director Robert Redfield and acting FDA Commisioner Ned Sharpless in a joint statement to the press.

Federal official are working closely with the state and local health departments to track the outbreak. They have idetified 215 cased since August 27th. the number has increased since from 193 cases to 215 case by the 27tgh and to a new reported death just this week a total of 7 fatalities.

A patiient form Illinois died las week from a critical lung disease in what regulators consider the first death related to vaping in the U.S. As of Thursday the state a has recorded 27 cases that fit the description of the illness and another 8 need more investigation. In more than half of the cases, patients reported vaping THC oil bouhgt from the “grey market”.

There are many dangers to smoking cigarettes however, when it comes to vaping risk whether nicotine or THC these risks are unknown, the population has not been vaping over ten years to have a well documented studies on the side effects.

Currently, six deaths as a result of vaping have been confirmed in six different states, and 380 cases of severe lung illness associated with e-cigarettes have been reported across the US.

Why? Researchers still don’t know for sure—largely due to the fact that vaping is a relatively new trend (from 2011 to 2018, the rate of vaping among US high school students rose from 1.5%, or 220,000 students, to 20.8%, or 3.05 million students, per the CDC). But that doesn’t mean experts are totally in the dark about the negative health effects of vaping. From various lung illnesses to rare accidents, here’s everything we know so far when it comes to the dangers of e-cigarette use.

Vaping can irritate the lungs and lead to severe lung damage.

Vaping is still relatively new, which means research on its long-term effects (like how cigarette use can cause cancer) is unavailable. But, as far as short-term effects of vaping go, the risk is real.

“We know a lot of the short-term effects [on the lungs],” Dr. Carl says, explaining that vaping increases inflammation in the lungs. Vaping can also paralyze cilia, the “hair-like” projections in the airways of the lungs that remove microbes and debris, says Dr. Carl. When those cilia become paralyzed, they are rendered unable to do their job protecting the lungs, and this increases your risk of infection, like pneumonia. (Both lipoid pneumonia, a lung infection caused by the presence of lipids or fats in the lungs; and chemical pneumonia, a lung infection caused by inhalation of chemicals, have been linked to vaping.)

Vaping has also been linked to an “increased risk of wheezing and related respiratory symptoms,” according to a 2019 research paper published in the BMJ. The authors of the report analyzed data from nearly 30,000 individuals who smoked cigarettes, vapes, both, or neither. According to the findings, “compared with non-users, risks of wheezing and related respiratory symptoms were significantly increased in current vapers.” This is primarily caused by inflammation in users’ airways.

As if the stigma isnt enough!

The NY Cannabis Times will keep readers posted with any New Updates, On the latest in health concerns in the meantime We would like everyone to stay safe by lab tested and from licenced dispensaries.

Cannabis & Cancer, To Be Or Not To Be.


In 1974 a group of scienists in the National Cancer Institute, published their findings that  Cannabinoids – delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), delta-8-THC, and cannabidiol (CBD)– were all able to suppress the growth of lewis lung adenocarcinoma cells in vitro and in mice. A body of pre-clinical evidence from spain and italy also supports the possibiliy of cannabinoids having anti cancer effects, but to date there has only been one human study. The human brain is enriched for the cannabinoid-1- receptor, it makes sense that gliomas are a particulaarly responsive to the antineoplastic effectts of cannabinoids.

This lead to other studies done in the Canary Islands, where scientists tested patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme, and the results were not very good.

So where is this idea and or notion that Cannabis cures cancer is coming from? it is a debate that has been boggling minds for 4 decades. we have examined and heard of numerous reports from several sources, one of them being a Canadian in 1974 heard that cannabis suppresses tumors, He was a boiler maintenance worker, 30 years later he had to deal with his own cancer experience. Three basal cell carcinomas, he treated them with a highly concentrated cannabis oil. When the lesions disappeared, the oil concentrate took on his name and before you know it the flood of theories and cures have invaded social media.

In 1993 the Siberian Ice Maiden was unearthed revealing a well preserved remains of a young woman that was alive over 2500, years ago.she had metastatic breastfeeding cancer and was found buried with a pouch of cannabis. In other words the young lady had been treating her symptoms with cannabis

A landmark study in 2010, found that earlier initiation of palliative care led to better outcomes for patients with aggressive non-small cell lung cancer.

In all this, yes further testing must be concluded and have, we also must remember the famous placebo effects, above all, educate your selves and others, which will be the basis of this News Magazine. All humans have body systems: cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, immune, nervous, musculoskeletal, and reproductive homeostatically regulated by the Marijuana like compounds that we all produce, known as endocannabinoids.

In human terms…every time you get hungry is because your brain made endocannabinoids that gives them the “munchies” “hunger” as if you were consuming cannabis. These facts weren’t created by weed advocates, but by years of science and evolution.

In the end better quality of life is what people are usually seeking, during diagnosis of the cancer. If you have a medicine, that can decrease pain, reduce vomiting and nausea, enhance appetite, improve sleep and mood. I would consider that to be, the cure to the worst of the evils,  if a patient’s disposition can be assisted, if there mood can be made to seem hopeful, not all is lost. In many cases that is when survival kicks in, and kicks ass.

Buy Terpenes

Dear Governor Cuomo, decriminalization isn’t enough.

Why #decriminalization won’t be enough.

First off Govenor Cuomo, you not only have to expunge everything since 1977, yes since 1977 you have been able to walk around with .22 grams cannabis In your pocket.
The issue was based on stop and frisk, it was suddenly in public view; when your officers (assuming the citizens of the city are all cut from the same cloth) removed the weed out of our pockets.
(No pun intended, to those that are of that Cloth, you were the first dispensaries). I salute you for holding it down while this clown plays the city like a poker game. Cuomo you have to delete all those DNA’s you took for weed #smoking infront of there homes #misdemeanors, delete all of it, give back all those surcharges and fines, delete, delete, delete.

We are fed up with your #lies delaying legalization to feed your DNA data bank with the lambs of the city getting paid off of federal funding; give to the communities hit hard with your operation open wide. This clown left NY wide open. My peoples if you didn’t know now you know. Give us what we deserve #equity #intheknow

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On March 19, 2012, Governor Cuomo signed a controversial bill into law that states that any New Yorker that gets convicted of a crime, their DNA shall be taken.
The database will include everything from misdemeanors to felony convictions, yes, even minor convictions such as fare evasions, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct, even urinating in public.
DNA will be swabbed from a person’s cheek with a thirty dollar test, once you are proven guilty or if you plead guilty, ( which is usually the case to get shit over with) you get your license suspended, given community service, a fine of up to two-hundred dollars, a surcharge and to make matters worse, you will be asked to go drop off your personal and private genetic code at your neighborhood precinct.

Decriminalization isnt enough if you ask me.

When it comes to New York “The Home of The Haze” you would have to give back with an abundance of blind retribution. #socialequity #cannabiscommunity #nyccanbistimes #ny #nyc #Cuomo #giveback #expunge #cannabis #abc7ny

Recovering Savage Native New Yorker.


Cannabis Rally 2019

I had the privilege to meet the one and only “Visine Queen” this past May at the Cannabis Rally NYC 2019. Amongst many other iconic cannabis activists. The “Visine Queen” is actually the Queen of cannabis cultured events gracing the scene with strategically catered art gallery events that scream “vibe” capturing the very essence of the plant which exudes creativity in its most Novice Toker.

A humble Queen that made her own lane; bringing her unique style of the Arts and Culture into NY Cannabis Culture.

Her speech given under New York’s acid rain, a young woman’s powerful voice, calling for unity, social equity, inclusion and expungement; her organization “dubbed” The Jane Doe Co for the Latin Community.

I was truly left amazed inspired and amped.

Education about the plant in the Latin community is scarce; especially in the Dominican community. Yes, she is of Dominican descent.

The stigma is strong in our communities. To have people looking like me & not afraid to speak up is the courageous to say the least. I have reluctance and hesitation to speak at times but it is due to my beginners activist beta mode, has yet to be tested appropriately. I feel like a kindergarten student at times at these events.


I am new to some of the NYC popular cannabis gatherings, while it helps to know that not all events are gentrified, it sure is less intimidating when they’re not gentrified. I’m sorry I am not going to lie. When I attended the Cannabis Rally, I had an 8k following on the Instagram blog. Grateful for my following and also healthy enough to go, (I have an auto immune disorder) let’s just say, I have my days; I met “High Mi Madre” another activist group. Leo Bridgewater and the ladies of Etain, Sun bud solutions.

I had a warm welcome from everyone to which I am thankful for (Michaela giving the most unforgettable welcoming.) You just had to be there for that one.

The Infamous award winning Happy Munkey entourage, which I must add, the vibes they bring to the table for lack of better term. Innovative, professional, inspiring, by the way were also in attendance at New York’s Cannabis Rally. They have played such a huge role in the development of my knowledge of Gotham’s City cannabis community.

The responsibility I have in my hands is a huge one.

The more advice the better.

I had met Happy Munkey Previously and had no idea they had been around for two years on just word of mouth among the toking elites. It was New York’s 420 weekend which is really the “New Years Eve for tribe smokers”.

I went in and I have been in love with the celestial sanctum since. The NY Cannabis Activist clique is low key yet in your face.

The people that make the NY Cannabis Community from Norml To the late Doug Greene. From the Munkeys down to the Visine Queen, you have so much to learn and absorb from these entrepreneurs. The Canna Divas were in the house and Womengrow weren’t far behind, this one article does not give the cannabis rally in NY justice.

Since then the date to the digital launching of The NY Cannabis Times has been pushed back for obvious reasons, in the meantime I must go forth publishing articles of the events and connections and the networks I have come across.

CannabiswithKymb was also in attendance along with an after party she hosted at SOB’s with her Tribe Tokes that evening was so lit, I was not lit enough to keep up, since I am a freshman to these events so what happens at an event stays at an event.

I try to be as careful as possible not to post anything that can be mistaken for engaging in illegal activities trust that we are far from engaging in such we are not criminals, we are responsible adults networking in ways that other cannot understand. I will be uploading continued articles on the events and archiving photos and videos please stay tuned give these IG’s mentioned above some love.

The message was clear inclusion, social equity, legalization. The one point repeated over and over “lose the stigma” we have to educate if I left there with a clear message is that we have to educate. This is not about getting high. So many talented intelligent people attend these events, that to think we are nothing but half baked potheads is such a sad shame and such a loss for those that would love to know more but are afraid of what they will encounter.

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The wrong Amazon is burning!

Letter from the Editor.

What kind of media outlet would the NY Cannabis Times be if we didn’t focus on what matters.

We don’t publish drug raids. Some of those arrest are being done to the first dispensaries (the OGs).

We don’t publish Cannabis tragedies we have plenty of the negatives in the Industry and plenty of outlets to share that kind of information. We share information that is pertinent to legalization, updates on harmful vapes and stigmas that hinder progress.

This hinders progress!

What Cannabis Media outlet would we be if we did not insist in a wake up call. If we did not insist that we need change. Praying is getting nowhere our gate leaders are toying with our planet. An organized #peaceful #protest in the name of our #planet right now! the planet is more important than your vote for 45 46 and what have you; Hence this apparently is a Truman show.

How the hell are you going to vote if we don’t have a planet?

#justdoit #riseup #change #earth #cannabiscommunity

We really have our priorities collectively distorted for lack of better term.

#boycott #mediaoutlets that aren’t feeding you #truth #demand #forget #kardashians #sports #bullshit #trump #cbs #nbc #cnn #univision #foxnews #nypost #amazon #amazonjungle #is #on #fire #when were you planning on telling us!

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The advertising laws for cannabis industry businesses in NYC advertising laws are harsh this is why the NY Cannabis Times has decided to add several company logos for 90 days to our site. There is also a media kit, available if you are interested in advertising with NY Cannbais Times for 2020. Please Email us Or call 917-727-0574


We believe in giving back to our beloved cannabis community. We also believe in doing things the unconventional way; Advertising regulations are especially strict, as many marketing platforms restrict or outright ban cannabis advertisements due to the substance’s federal status. As the cannabis industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, it can feel overwhelming to keep up-to-date with the constantly-changing federal and state regulations below are the links of the winners, and above you have a link with the latest in NY state regulations.

The companies that won the the 90 day promo give away won in accordance with raising awareness that is all you have to do to be chosen. Raise awareness.


Their outstanding perseverance, outstanding work ethic and drive, were the reason they were chosen.


The New York Cannbis Times Magazine is not receiving any monetary compensation for having their logo or link as it stands. #payitforward


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Lethal Bacteria “Mold” found in Cannabis.

What are you really lighting up? Cannabis isn’t hazardous to your health, but its contaminants are.

Twenty unidentified Northern California Cannabis Dispensaries contained bacterial and fungal pathogens, that may cause serious even fatal infections if smoked or vaped by people with impaired or compromised immune systems, according to a new study by UC Davis Scientists.
The tested cannabis – collected and cataloged, by Berkley’s Steep Hill Labs, with DNA extraction by MO BIO Labs in Carlsbad – contained a wide Diversity of microorganisms, many of which are implicated in serious lung infections, including Cryptococcus, Mucor, and Aspergillus fungi and Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Acinetobacter baumannii bacteria

Twenty-Eight States have decided to recreate or medicate, in one way or another The Infamous “Cannabis” Mary Jane Roses have gone mainstream, bringing with it fungus and allergies, I recall in the Nineties In My professional Endeavor, I had notice a Nice “Green Crack” that always arrived excessively moist and some were tainted, with fungi I would end up trying to return it. Ended up being bad business. Meanwhile back to the future, twenty dispensaries came up riding dirty (for lack of a better term).

This Investigation came about when a Cancer patient developed a rare and incurable fungal infection after using aerosolized marijuana, (inhaled as a mist). Such unusual lung infections are usually attributed to hospital or community exposure, he noted. As it does not occur to most patients. Several doctors concluded that the source could be marijuana.

There were several cancer patients, they were undergoing intensive chemotherapy and also a stem cell therapy, so their immune systems were weak. In one particular patient the fungal infection became lethal. Now what about the users whose immune systems are healthy? “There aren’t any specific recomendations” said Dr. George Thompson, associate professor of the clinical medicine at UC Davis who also contributed to the study.

“One particular young man had used recreational cannabis before his diagnosis with lukemia, and may be acquired the infection before he knew he was even sick”, said Dr Joseph Tuscano. “Any type of marijuana inhaled has its given risk inhaling provides direct portal of entry into the lungs where infection can easily take hold” he said.

“The only way to avoid microbes is to plant in a sterile environment, like a “clean room” “said biologist Anthony Torres of Steep Hill Labs. “With proper irrigation the plant can reduce Risk” he added. Microbial testing can detect the levels of contaminants, it is important for individuals who utilize cannabis to make sure it has been tested for pesticides, mold and mycotoxins and microbiological contaminants”. said Torres.

As a patient, it helps if the dispensary that you are in attendance at, would have these reports available, to practice transparency, I am a proud patient and I hope to find a test report in one of these dispensaries. I personally started smoking what I call Co2. I too have an experience with the fungi in the bud, I am actually allergic to some strains. As I stated earlier, Due to my bout with cannabis in the nineties. I suffer from allergies to 5 different types of mold. This has become a pressing Issue, with me I am in constant search of Good Bud it is Important that the market Standardize we need to know what we are getting, as much as I love my black Market dealer, Co2 saves the day plus it is more versatile. The downer of being in this Elite Group of Cannaseurs, is that it smells, everything that burns smells, its aroma is pleasant at times of stress, but the Vapor Pen, is so much fun I blaze every where with no smell, no skunk in the room. Saves the day in every occasion, although cannabis is more acceptable the smell still carries it’s stereotype.

In conclusion I may add that you examine your flower carefully. We need no casualties in the process of legalization.