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The Tribe Tokes Queen.



I was fortunate to meet KymB, at a Cannabis award event at Cannagather. She was a volunteer, KymB quickly became the guest of honor, guest speaker, mc and saved the night with her humor and bad girl mouth. a breathe of fresh air in a gentrifide industry. Cannabis KymB as I like to call her, has since moved on to grace covers of several outlets including Forbes, has grown tremendously in popularity and a must see at any event in the Industry.  Very real and very sweet and professional is the actual persona of this Pilates Instructor and Fitness Influencer Kymberly Byrnes. For over 20 years she has been blessing the Florida & NY health and fitness scene with her philosophy. If that wasnt enough she has her own line of cannabis cbd products.


Cannablis KymB promotes her Healthy lifestyle platform on Instagram @badgirlgoodhealth.  The hustle in Gotham is Real and Cannablis KymB is real and dedicated about 3 things: Fitness Cannabis, and inspiring others to get up and participate. “Just show up” as she says; In a speech at the brooklyn Law school.

Kymberly is a Certified Pilates Instructor. She has 4 national certifications and was a Teacher Trainer for the Equinox Pilates Teacher Training Program. She has taught hundreds of instructors the fundamentals of movement and control. Her background includes owning a several Pilates Studios in the South Florida area where she worked with athletes, models and the rich and famous. Cannablis Kymb is a very busy Queen Bee.  Now she graces New Yorks Cannabis Community Scene with Tribe Tokes, Lulu Lemon, and of course,  CannablisByKymB 

She has us working out, has us motivated and relaxed. She also has us dying to know what her next move will be. During the Cannabis Rally she stood out and called upon whom ever wants to be in the cannabis industry. Make your voice heard.

In every panel she is invited to she, makes all the difference. Her dedication hard work and resilience has made her one of NY Cannabis Times top 3 picks of Women in Cannabis 90 day Promo.

The wrong Amazon is burning!

Letter from the Editor.

What kind of media outlet would the NY Cannabis Times be if we didn’t focus on what matters.

We don’t publish drug raids. Some of those arrest are being done to the first dispensaries (the OGs).

We don’t publish Cannabis tragedies we have plenty of the negatives in the Industry and plenty of outlets to share that kind of information. We share information that is pertinent to legalization, updates on harmful vapes and stigmas that hinder progress.

This hinders progress!

What Cannabis Media outlet would we be if we did not insist in a wake up call. If we did not insist that we need change. Praying is getting nowhere our gate leaders are toying with our planet. An organized #peaceful #protest in the name of our #planet right now! the planet is more important than your vote for 45 46 and what have you; Hence this apparently is a Truman show.

How the hell are you going to vote if we don’t have a planet?

#justdoit #riseup #change #earth #cannabiscommunity

We really have our priorities collectively distorted for lack of better term.

#boycott #mediaoutlets that aren’t feeding you #truth #demand #forget #kardashians #sports #bullshit #trump #cbs #nbc #cnn #univision #foxnews #nypost #amazon #amazonjungle #is #on #fire #when were you planning on telling us!

In the midst of the chaos


One kinetic evening CHHBA (pronounced chaba) was born. On an evening of fun and gala one of the writers of the NY Cannabis Times had a small incident in which a group of strangers came to the rescue twice.

First while in an award gathering an executive blatantly told her and the award winner to be quiet and later that evening with another shocker. To make a long story short. It’s not what happens its how you take it. It’s not an obstacle it’s an opportunity.

The writer heads back out the next day to find these people and thank them and to continue with the expo. She arrives dissapointed the event proved; just as she knew, that some corporate events are more dangerous than the ghetto she grew up in.

Meanwhback at the Cannabis World Congress Business Expo ranch. The strangers where in the midst of inquiring prices for a booth. The writer spots one of them grateful, she thanks them exchanges numbers, she is stopped. In comes the woman that did the intervening the night before.

Gracefully she states how all things are for a reason. This booth she was window shopping inquiring prices about quickly turned in to a contract.

It so happens that the CWCBEXPO has never had a Hispanic Cannabis and Hemp organization or corporation exhibiting at the expo in the 6 years that it has been at rhe Javitz center in NYC. Keyword Hispanic.

The writer throwing herself at her own dreams thinks the idea of being part of this, is historic and a privilege. The truth the writer is the owner of the NY Cannabis Times. The owner of the start up about to go digital. Not only did she become a co-founder of the Cannabis and Hemp Hispanic Buisness Alliance, The NY Cannabis Times is also a sponsor. Help us continue to be the voice of the Gotham city’s cannabis and hemp community in a larger scale and venue.


I am calling on the #cannabissociety #cannabisculture #cannabiscommunity to help sponsor CHHBA (chaba) we are here to educate in the fight for social equity in the cannabis community.

The NY Cannabis Times is giving a way a year contract in advertising for the first 20 cannabis corporations that sponsor CHHBA. Yes, you read correctly. Whole page spreads down to business card sizes will be included in this contract yes your choice. CHHBA consist of 4 Corps of cannabis tourism, hemp farming Colombian hemp farmers and the NY Cannabis Times.

Help us achieve the cannamerican dream. Email us or call at 917-742-2398

The sponsorship will pay for the $36000, dollar booth. Time is running out. The Good news is the. NY Cannabis Times Magazine goes digital in September. It would be such an accomplishment to know we will be part of the 2020 Cannabis World Congress Business Expo.

Contact The NY Cannabis Times click here.

Dear Governor Cuomo, decriminalization isn’t enough.

Why #decriminalization won’t be enough.

First off Govenor Cuomo, you not only have to expunge everything since 1977, yes since 1977 you have been able to walk around with .22 grams cannabis In your pocket.
The issue was based on stop and frisk, it was suddenly in public view; when your officers (assuming the citizens of the city are all cut from the same cloth) removed the weed out of our pockets.
(No pun intended, to those that are of that Cloth, you were the first dispensaries). I salute you for holding it down while this clown plays the city like a poker game. Cuomo you have to delete all those DNA’s you took for weed #smoking infront of there homes #misdemeanors, delete all of it, give back all those surcharges and fines, delete, delete, delete.

We are fed up with your #lies delaying legalization to feed your DNA data bank with the lambs of the city getting paid off of federal funding; give to the communities hit hard with your operation open wide. This clown left NY wide open. My peoples if you didn’t know now you know. Give us what we deserve #equity #intheknow

On March 19, 2012, Governor Cuomo signed a controversial bill into law that states that any New Yorker that gets convicted of a crime, their DNA shall be taken.
The database will include everything from misdemeanors to felony convictions, yes, even minor convictions such as fare evasions, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct, even urinating in public.
DNA will be swabbed from a person’s cheek with a thirty dollar test, once you are proven guilty or if you plead guilty, ( which is usually the case to get shit over with) you get your license suspended, given community service, a fine of up to two-hundred dollars, a surcharge and to make matters worse, you will be asked to go drop off your personal and private genetic code at your neighborhood precinct.

Decriminalization isnt enough if you ask me.

When it comes to New York “The Home of The Haze” you would have to give back with an abundance of blind retribution. #socialequity #cannabiscommunity #nyccanbistimes #ny #nyc #Cuomo #giveback #expunge #cannabis #abc7ny

Recovering Savage Native New Yorker.


Advertising with The NY Cannabis Times.

Advertising with the NY Cannabis Times, is not difficult if you are from another state. Although that isn’t the case here for NY state Licensed dispensaries.

The advertising laws for cannabis industry businesses in NYC advertising laws are harsh this is why the NY Cannabis Times has decided to add several company logos for 90 days to our site.

We believe in giving back to our beloved cannabis community. We also believe in doing things the unconventional way; Advertising regulations are especially strict, as many marketing platforms restrict or outright ban cannabis advertisements due to the substance’s federal status. As the cannabis industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, it can feel overwhelming to keep up-to-date with the constantly-changing federal and state regulations below are the links of the winners, and above you have a link with the latest in NY state regulations.

The companies that won the the 90 day promo give away won in accordance with raising awareness that is all you have to do to be chosen. Raise awareness.


Their outstanding perseverance, outstanding work ethic and drive, were the reason they were chosen.


The New York Cannbis Times Magazine is not receiving any monetary compensation for having their logo or link as it stands. #payitforward


The NY Cannabis Times is giving a way a year contract in advertising for the first 20 cannabis corporations that sponsor CHHBA. Yes, you read correctly. Whole page spreads down to business card sizes will be included in this contract yes your choice. CHHBA consist of 4 Corps of cannabis tourism, hemp farming Colombian hemp farmers and the NY Cannabis Times.

Help us achieve the cannamerican dream. Email us or call at 917-742-2398