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Cannabis Consumption Vibe of the Year, CBA & NY Norml Award Winners

The Innovators

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The Mission

They don’t do it for the clout they do it for the culture

In light of Dominican Independence month, if I may add, what I hold dear, is that they’re of Dominican descent atleast two of them. To find this in the Cannabis Community is rare, however to witness someone that share many cultural characteristics that I have, and reach the levels of accomplishment, respect and admiration that they have recieved is a Domerican Cannabis dream come true. I being a member, follower, and friend. I extremely proud of their achievements. I stand by the sidelines watching in awe. Instead of going with the flow. They created their own flow. A true brand needs no business cards, needs no advertising. Truth be told recognition is a must.

somewhere at the end of the rainbow, in a special place in the universe. There is a very nice laid back Vibe around NYC. The vibe has become the apple of Gotham’s Eyes. With everything that maybe going on in the world, once you’re in the vibe, all is non existent. In my own words, this is by far the sexiest vibe in town. Unfortunately, for my readers; here at The NY Cannabis Times we are not your conventional news outlet. We plead the 5th on any questions about the pop up vibes that we are invited to. Sorry world. No sources. We aren’t TMZ. No pun intended at TMZ they are the outlet for that sort of information.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, you would think that everyone and their mom, would know where this pop up vibe is going to be at next. By the way your mom isn’t allowed to vibe with us.

The Happy Munkey

Happy Munkey Podcast

The Innovators in the game have two years on word of mouth, and just when you think you have them pegged they change the lane, hell they have embodied the damn lane.

An introvert by second nature privacy and anonymity is priceless and many New Yorkers also value this sentiment. The Munkeys go out of their way to make sure these needs are met. No pictures, no social media check-ins, members only pop up vibes. They have been the host of countless speacialty vibes from the Last Prisoner Project, to the Tree elevation meditation (Sanna CBD yoga). The purpose of the Munkey is

  • 1. To bring us together
  • 2. Break the stigma.
  • 3. Zero nationalities.
  • 4. Zero social class.
  • To spread love the uptown way.

In light of Dominican Independence month, if I may add, what I hold dear, is that they’re of Dominican descent atleast two of them. To find this in the Cannabis Community is rare, however to witness someone that share many cultural characteristics that I have, and reach the levels of accomplishment, respect and admiration that they have recieved is a Domerican Cannabis dream come true. I being a member, follower, and friend. I extremely proud of their achievements. I stand by the sidelines watching in awe. Instead of going with the flow. They created their own flow. A true brand needs no business cards, needs no advertising. Truth be told recognition is a must.

They have this “yo no se qua that I care not to decipher; yet it’s impossible to resist. Their pop up vibe has attracted not one but two Cannabis Industry Awards in 2019. (A Cannabis Business Award by Chloe Villano & a NY Norml Cannabis Industry Award). It is no wonder they’re the Apple of Cannabis Gotham’s Eyes. Reaching a level of outdoing theirselves in every aspect of the game; and just when you think that you have caught up with the Happy Munkeys, they switch it up on you, like the great Craig Mack used to say “Check out this new flavor in ya ear” here comes the podcast.

You should be asking yourselves “okay, so how do I get in?” Well if you don’t know, you won’t; As the universal law dictates, if you think it, it will come. I am curious to experience what else they may have up their sleeves for 2020. Until then follow your nose it always knows.

Hispanic Heritage Month.

The Cannabis and Hemp Hispanic Business Alliance.

In light of Hispanic Heritage, I would like to inform the public about CHHBA (pronounced Chaba). I had first introduced CHHBA, in one of my articles. The mission that the Cannabis and Hemp Hispanic Business Alliance has taken on is to help include the Hispanic community into the Cannabis World Congress Business Expo (CWCBEXPO).

The NY Cannbis Times is a proud sponsor and Co- Founder of the Cannabis & Hemp Hispanic Business Alliance. We are inviting our faithful readers either to become sponsors or members. There are levels to sponsorships, and our memeberships are relatively inexpensive. The Cannabis & Hemp Hispanic Business Alliance, was born from the lack there of; Hispanics and or Latinos at the Expo. What is alarming is the impact that the hispanic community has had in the cannabis market, both open market and legal market industry is undeniable. The Impact that we are ready to make will be priceless.

Each of the co-founders is of Hispanic descent; one of our co-founders only speaks spanish, and within the days of the CWCB-Expo, he had noticed not one “Se Habla Español” sign anywhere (we speak spanish). We all didn’t meet until the last evening of the Expo, this is something I had noticed at my first expo to be exact at the Seed to Sale in Denver 2017. We all happen to meet at the CWCB-Expo Yacht Party, accidentally in human perception. We were all surrounding the Cannabis Business Award stage. When we heard the announcement that Happy Munkey had won an award. I personally know the founders of the Apple of Gotham’s eyes. My friend Ike, comes up to me. “Evelyn que fue lo que dijieron” “all I heard was Happy Munkey” (tranlation – What was it that was said). Mind you I am trying to text him as he asks me. I am like “dude you won! you won!” go get you award! All he can say is won what?!;The apple of Gotham’s Eyes

Meanwhile back at the ranch, several people where listening, it so happened that my future partners and co-founders where listening to Ike and myself scramble our thoughts in spanish, well in Dominican (Dominicans have their own argo, unlike anything you have ever heard before atleast in spanish that is) To make a long story short, (some of this will be on the Happy Munkey Podcast). We met up the next day had dinner and we sealed the deal Cannabis and Hemp Hispanic Business Alliance was born. It was born out of the right to be included, we have earned the right to be there at that CWCBExpo.

Today The Cannabis and Hemp Hispanic Business Alliance is on its way to the 2020 CWCBExpo. You are welcome to inquire join and sponsor, the revenue and recognition offered at this expo will be priceless. Below there is a link to our sponsorship proposals in english and in spanish, feel free to contact any one of the Founders, or email me at

Research Cannabis As Treatment For COVID-19

Dr. Mohan Cooray believes the naturally occurring immunomodulatory properties that plant cannabinoids possess absolutely require expedited investigation.

Just how will the coronavirus epidemic end? It’s a question you’ve probably wondered about multiple times during this period of quarantine and social distancing. If not, you likely wish things would just go back to normal. According to experts, one way the outbreak could end is doctors developing medications that prevent and/or treat the infection.

One medical supplier recently asked Health Canada for approval to study the effects of cannabis on COVID-19 patients. Dr. Mohan Cooray, who serves as president and CEO of Cannalogue, an online medical cannabis retailer in Toronto, wants to examine if certain cannabinoids can reduce inflammation and potential boost immune systems in a formal, rigorous setting.

“What we know from medical cannabis over the course of the literature and the experience we’ve had in Canada over the years is that there are known anti-inflammatory properties that cannabinoids have—cannabinoids being the active ingredients that come from the cannabis plant,” Dr. Cooray told The Toronto Sun.

However, with all research there will be scrutiny, reason number one anti-inflammation medication isn’t good for covid19. We can only hope some of the many chemical components in the plant can prove useful I guess we are just going to have to wait for this lab research to be concluded. In the meantime let’s just relieve the PTSD that we are collectively suffering from every time someone coughs.

NBA To Reportedly Halt Drug Testing of Players During COVID-19 Pandemic

According to a report from Yahoo Sports earlier this week, the NBA and the union representing players have reached an agreement that will halt random drug testing while the league is on hiatus due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The league suspended play a week ago after Rudy Gobert, an all-star center for the Utah Jazz, tested positive for the virus. Since then, several other NBA players have also tested positive.

The National Basketball Association, like pretty much all of the sporting world, is currently on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. And that apparently means the league’s drug testing policy is on break, too.

Players are normally subjected to several random drug tests during the season and in the offseason; if they test positive for banned substances, such as marijuana or performance enhancing drugs, they are subject to suspensions. According to Yahoo, which cited league sources in its report, the agreement is temporary.

The drug testing policy is codified in the current collective bargaining agreement between team owners and players; that agreement is due to run until 2024. When it expires, the drug testing policy is almost certain to face significant changes, given what other professional sports leagues have done on that front as of late. The NFL’s new collective bargaining agreement, which was announced earlier this month, eliminates suspensions for players who test positive for marijuana, and raises the threshold for positive pot tests from 35 to 150 nanograms of THC. The agreement also restricts the drug testing period to the first two weeks of training camp.

The Virtual Cannabis World

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the leading data provider in the industry New Frontier Data, is hosting it’s first ever virtual cannabis town hall this april to discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the cannabis industry.

The Global Cannabis Town Hall: New Economic Realities. will be held virtually on April 2, 2020. Representing different parts of the world, partners of the upcoming town hall will be ExpoCannaBiz (Latin America), CannaTech (Middle East and Asia Pacific), New West Summit (North America), RASB Media (Europe) and CannabisBPO. Moderating the one-day global event will be CNBC’s Tim Seymour and former Fox News reporter Carl Camero

New Frontier Data highlighted several topics that will be discussed among cannabis industry leaders during the event, including Global Cannabis Industry Socioeconomic Status in 2020, Impact of Coronavirus on Cannabis Markets by Region, and Risks & Opportunities by Region.

New West Summit will update colleagues about the situation in North America, while RASB Media will share the circumstances in Europe.

The COVID-19 public health crisis ignited fears of an impending recession in recent days with some economists already officially declaring the American economy fell into one

Amid the panic, central banks moved to ease monetary policy while governments pledged multi-billion dollar aid packages to help support their economies in the coming days. In the U.S., two aid packages have already passed Congress, while a third, worth $850 billion, is expected to secure approval soon.

Cannabis Company In Honolulu will produce free hand Sanitizers

A medical cannabis dispensary is paying it forward as I choose to say. Aloha Green Holdings Inc. which is in business with Aloha Green Apoth. Stated it will use its cannabis concentrates production line to produce hydroalcoholic gels right away. These and sanitizers will be given to over 300 card holders at both dispensaries. There will be a limit of one 1.7 oz. (50 ml) bottle of sanitizing gel per patient per day until it ramps up production. Aloha Green Apoth says its intention is to dedicate enough manufacturing lines to produce free hand sanitizer for Oahu’s first responders during the COVID-19 outbreak

Bootleggers sold, and continue to sell, fake oil cartridge products.

Bootleggers sold, and continue to sell, fake oil cartridge products filled with questionable oils and using packaging of legitimate manufacturers, like Kingpen, Heavy Hitters, and Dank Vapes. Dank Vapes is a vape cartridge seller and an empty cartridge wholesaler, and was named by the CDC in their investigation as one of the vape culprits responsible for the outbreak.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the cannabis industry, is there to build a clean thriving customer complaint business. In fact some are just to rake in that dough as we say in the hoods.

It’s been pretty clear over the last year that not everyone has been in the cannabis business to build a thriving new cash crop industry. The stories of startups making claims about growth and sales, enticing investors, then bailing with millions in ill-gotten gains, have become part of the early history of this industry. Business fraud seems almost endemic right now.

Earlier issues of allegedly synthetic cannabinoid products being sold at truck stops, which were actually a green leafy substance sprayed with a chemical that caused agitation and hallucinations, were really the first instances of product fraud.. When the vaping crisis hit in 2019. Investigations reveales in fact how many were really in business for the cannabis patient and who was in business for the cash.

People were packaging packaging oils into cartridges that were actually cut with a substance that turned to tar inside the lungs of the user.

Making the product look like an official industry compliant product is pretty easy, too. Just go to There you will see a number of purported California Proposition 64 regulatory or warning labels that anyone can buy and stick on a package. No license from the state is needed, just an Amazon account.

Or go to and you can buy state compliant labels for eight other states.

Anyone can buy these labels. Some say indica or sativa, or allow you to check a box for indica or sativa. Some allow you to fill in a box for the THC level, and fill in another box for strain name.

Hey, it’s legitimate. A quick bottom-of-the-page disclaimer (“Note: LabelValue is not responsible for adherence to labeling guidelines or regulations for any industry application. Please ensure your use of labels is compliant with the regulations in your industry.”) allegedly gets the label maker off the hook.

Which is sad the consumer is complaining about how cannabis prices here comes the open market, (formerly known black market) with inexpensive shit that can be smoked and you can get medicated. Here comes the news channel informing you that your plug is poisoning you. There goes that plug however you aren’t in a legal state, and you don’t believe you can get a card.

Great example, New York state., even I have been a victim of fake vapes, however I have always been meticulous about terpenes and noticed too quickly that my vape wasn’t correct.

Can legalization help the industry, I think not. I firmly believe the taxes on legal cannabis will keep many buying bootleg.

to be continued…..

Michigan’s Regulated Market will lose a significant source (plug) for cannabis.

Beginning October 1st, 2020. Licensed caregivers will be forbidden to sell cannabis to the regulated market. The MRA (Marijuana Regulatory Agency) announced this in a bulletin Monday. The role of the care givers was to produce cannabis for up to 5 medical cardholders. The state allowed caregivers to sell to licensed growers and processors to overcome a shortage in marijuana.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, now the state has over 200 licensed medical cannabis growers in Michigan. Now the MRA is cutting off caregivers to allow the market to work out the drought issue.

MRA stated “We have always put patients first when we make decisions regarding medical marijuana,” MRA Executive Director Andrew Brisbo said in the bulletin. “This phase out process is an important next step in implementing the will of Michigan voters and making sure that patients continue to have access to their medicine.”

To make the transition smoother, the state is phasing out the use of caregivers in three steps. Beginning Sunday, growers and processors were prohibited from obtaining marijuana plants, concentrates, vape cartridges, and infused products from caregivers. Growers and processors will be permitted to continue buying unlimited flower from caregivers until May 31.

From June 1 to Sept. 30, a commercial grower can only obtain caregiver-grown marijuana flower that weighs less than or equal to 50% of the total weight of flower that the commercial grower harvests.

The final phase is Oct. 1, when growers can no longer obtain flower from caregivers.

Caregivers were the source of marijuana cartridges tainted with vitamin E acetate, the potentially deadly additive that is to blame for the outbreak of lung injuries.

The impact of the phaseout is not yet clear. If there is a shortage, prices could rise.

Pennsylvania Introduces New Bill.

Here we go again, on Tuesday Representative Jake Wheatley introduced House Bill 2050. Wheatley has proposed cannabis legalization in the past, including last year’s HB 50. Meanwhile back at the ranch, the state lieutenant governor has gone on a cannabis listening an learning tour has also pledged his support for legalization of recreational cannabis.

However such plans have met push back from Pennsylvania’s Republican leadership, including House Health Committee chairperson Rep. Kathy Rapp. She has stated that she will not advance any cannabis legalization bills out of her committee. 

Last year, a legislative proposal to legalize recreational marijuana was introduced in the Senate, a month after Governor Tom Wolf urged legislators to propose cannabis legalization. SB 350, sponsored by Senators Sharif Street and Daylin Leach, was considered one of the most progressive legalization plans to be bandied about in the United States’ political sphere. The bill would have protected consumers’ right to home cultivation, and prioritized justice for individuals with past cannabis-related offenses. It has not gained much ground, having sat in the Agriculture and Rural Affairs committee since the end of October. 

“We open up the opportunity for smaller entrepreneurs to get into that market,” said Wheatley in a press release. “We believe the full answer is to have a regulated legal market for adult use and we believe the time has certainly come, and passed, really, for us to engage in a conversation here in the Capitol for this critical topic.”​

Such plans have met resistance from Pennsylvania’s Republican leadership, including House Health Committee chairperson Rep. Kathy Rapp. She has stated that she will not advance any cannabis legalization bills out of her committee. (okay boomer). The people (real Government) will show you.

But exactly what will Wheatley’s plan for legalization look like? It prioritizes the participation in the cannabis industry of small businesses, having dropped application and permit fees down from its 2019 draft. 

Taxes would start at six percent, but ramp up to 19 percent on cannabis product sales within four years. Business to business taxes would start at 10 percent. 

Revenue collected from taxes would go towards after school programs, grants for woman- and POC-owned small businesses, student loan reimbursement, and other governmental services. 

Let The Roasting Begin

When introducing the bill, Wheatley implied that his peers who are holding back cannabis legalization are working against the will of Pennsylvanians. (the true government)

“The People have said they’re ready for us to engage in this, so anyone in this state that’s refusing to listen to the citizens of this commonwealth, primarily based on their own view of the world, I think is doing a disservice to themselves and to the office,” he commented. 

Wheatley’s draft also includes an emphasis on criminal justice, outlining ways in which past cannabis-related offenses could be expunged from individuals’ records. HB 2050 calls for the release of certain people charged with cannabis-related offenses from jail within 60 days of when the bill passes. 

Pennsylvania is already home to a medicinal cannabis industry that began sales in early 2018 and has sold half a billion dollars in product during its first year.

First Medical Clinic, Specializing Cannabis: Aberdeen, Scotland.

The Sapphire Medical Clinic is set to be the first clinic to prescribe medicinal cannabis. The Clinic which is based in Aberdeen, Scotland. They will prescribe cannabis for all medical conditions that have been proven that cannabis is beneficial in treating.

This obviously means that many patients in Scotland will have access to world-class experts observing, managing and treating their ailment and conditions with cannabis.

Medical cannabis is an exciting and rapidly developing field of medicine that could transform the lives of patients living with certain conditions. But prescription numbers have been low, held down by patients ​who are often in significant pain or with physical disabilities, being unable to travel the long distances to clinics.

The Patient Experience – an existing patient by the name of Lorna Bland. Has suffered from degenerative Disc Disease, and Fibromyalgia. She had been initially skeptical, about trying the infamous plant. After careful research she decided to try it. So far the Ms. Bland has been using for 5 months and to her surprise, the changes in her health have been significant, with out side effects.

Ms. Bland was only able to walk 1000 steps a day forcefully, her life was basically at a stand still in illness. Since securing her access to medicinal cannabis she can now do between 6,000 to 8,000 steps daily,  she can walk her dog, she can do housework and socialize with friends. She is both realistic and optimistic it isn’t a cure she says but it’s effective enough to allow me to start living a more fulfilling life than I have for over 12 years”.

Dr Michael Platt, internationally recognized clinician and Sapphire lead on pain said: “It is estimated that over 1.4 million people across the UK take cannabis to help alleviate the symptoms of a medical condition.

“The overwhelming majority of these people will have felt they have had no option other than to resort to the black market, and many of them will be deeply troubled by having to do so.  Sapphire operates to the highest standards of clinical governance so patients can be confident that any prescription of medical cannabis will be done as part of a rigorous and safe process. So, by opening the clinic in Aberdeen we will be giving patients a legal, safe and medically sound route to access what they need.

“The cost in some cases might be slightly higher, but the patient will have the benefit of peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that any prescription for medical cannabis will be of a medical grade product of consistent quality.  They will also have the benefit of access to a supportive and knowledgeable clinical team”.

Although this is great news, everywhere that they are giving the infamous plant a chance is very good news , however ultimately something has to be done about the cost. People need help let them grow their medication. you can grow aloe, however beneficial it also in excess cause liver sclerosis, you don’t here FDA taking smack about it. Mention Marijuana and even the United Nations has something to say.