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In light of lighting up.

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There has been progress in the diagnostics of what is harming our vapers. The Exogenous Lipoid. Pneumonia. “Shit” sounds so rare. It actually begs to try to repeat it.

So how do you get it in 2019. Well two people of the case studies I personally had to read. Hence I am a reporter.

With that being said here is case study

Case study no.1. 66 year, oil pulling, Via Nasal. Case study no. 2, the 38 year old also Via nasal washing. I know I’m not the only one asking what does one have to do with with the other. Is it me or vaping is the topic. I thought I had smoked to much and read the wrong information. When in a happy munkey space and the muses kick in. We must present facts Immediately!!.

Turns out that these two have been classified as vapers just because..the word “oil” was used. These two cases are sesame oil Nasal pulling victims.

In light of the situation. I felt the need to do my homework. The other 5 cases are in the works. To be continued. Clue 3.