Equity Alert; an investigation against trulieve Cannabis Corp.

Seems to me that Trulieve’s 12 days of Christmas already started on a very bad foot On December 17, 2019. Grizzly research issued a report that most Company’s cultivation space comes from “hoop houses that produce low quality output.” That there are extensive ties between Trulieve and an ongoing FBI investigation into corruption, this reportContinue reading “Equity Alert; an investigation against trulieve Cannabis Corp.”

The Last Prisoner Project.

And just like that as if he brought the heat from Jamaica with him Steve DeAngelo lands In NY for his Fundraiser.A special fundraiser held at a very special event location. The apple of NY’s Eye’s, Please reach out to lastprisonerproject.org for donation information. The Humble activist arrived in what has become his signature project.Continue reading “The Last Prisoner Project.”


Cannabis for Heart Disease. Cannabis could Potentially Slow and even reverse Heart Failure via TRPV1, a Cannabinoid Receptor. This is according to research led by a team at the University of Hawai’i John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM). Alexander Stokes, a JABSOM assistant professor in cell and molecular biology, said “the potential medical benefitsContinue reading “HEART DISEASE & CANNABIS”