Cannabis “Made In Colombia”

Colombia has been known for its legendary black market; Therefore Colombia is now building a repertoire as a respected Cannabis Brand, participating in the growing number of countries and states with a legal medicinal cannabis program, allied by a supportive government. Colombia with in the last few years, developed and achieved the most comprehensive andContinue reading “Cannabis “Made In Colombia””

Cannabis & Cancer, To Be Or Not To Be.

In 1974 a group of scienists in the National Cancer Institute, published their findings that  Cannabinoids – delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), delta-8-THC, and cannabidiol (CBD)– were all able to suppress the growth of lewis lung adenocarcinoma cells in vitro and in mice. A body of pre-clinical evidence from spain and italy also supports the possibiliy of cannabinoidsContinue reading “Cannabis & Cancer, To Be Or Not To Be.”

The Apple of Gotham’s Eyes

The Innovators The Mission “They don’t do it for the clout they do it for the culture“ In light of Dominican Independence month, if I may add, what I hold dear, is that they’re of Dominican descent atleast two of them. To find this in the Cannabis Community is rare, however to witness someone thatContinue reading “The Apple of Gotham’s Eyes”

Hispanic Heritage Month.

The Cannabis and Hemp Hispanic Business Alliance. In light of Hispanic Heritage, I would like to inform the public about CHHBA (pronounced Chaba). I had first introduced CHHBA, in one of my articles. The mission that the Cannabis and Hemp Hispanic Business Alliance has taken on is to help include the Hispanic community into theContinue reading “Hispanic Heritage Month.”

The Rise of Home Grow – Covid19

Within the beginning of this pandemic several states declared dispensaries an essential business. With this announcement comes pro and cons; a contagion we don’t fully understand, along with lines and droughts that the american community is not used to or prepared for. The fact that we have to be minimum 6 ft apart and yetContinue reading “The Rise of Home Grow – Covid19”

Research Cannabis As Treatment For COVID-19

Dr. Mohan Cooray believes the naturally occurring immunomodulatory properties that plant cannabinoids possess absolutely require expedited investigation. Just how will the coronavirus epidemic end? It’s a question you’ve probably wondered about multiple times during this period of quarantine and social distancing. If not, you likely wish things would just go back to normal. According to experts,Continue reading “Research Cannabis As Treatment For COVID-19”

NBA To Reportedly Halt Drug Testing of Players During COVID-19 Pandemic

According to a report from Yahoo Sports earlier this week, the NBA and the union representing players have reached an agreement that will halt random drug testing while the league is on hiatus due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The league suspended play a week ago after Rudy Gobert, an all-star center for the Utah Jazz, testedContinue reading “NBA To Reportedly Halt Drug Testing of Players During COVID-19 Pandemic”

The Virtual Cannabis World

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the leading data provider in the industry New Frontier Data, is hosting it’s first ever virtual cannabis town hall this april to discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the cannabis industry. The Global Cannabis Town Hall: New Economic Realities. will be held virtually on April 2, 2020. RepresentingContinue reading “The Virtual Cannabis World”

Cannabis Company In Honolulu will produce free hand Sanitizers

A medical cannabis dispensary is paying it forward as I choose to say. Aloha Green Holdings Inc. which is in business with Aloha Green Apoth. Stated it will use its cannabis concentrates production line to produce hydroalcoholic gels right away. These and sanitizers will be given to over 300 card holders at both dispensaries. ThereContinue reading “Cannabis Company In Honolulu will produce free hand Sanitizers”

Bootleggers sold, and continue to sell, fake oil cartridge products.

Bootleggers sold, and continue to sell, fake oil cartridge products filled with questionable oils and using packaging of legitimate manufacturers, like Kingpen, Heavy Hitters, and Dank Vapes. Dank Vapes is a vape cartridge seller and an empty cartridge wholesaler, and was named by the CDC in their investigation as one of the vape culprits responsible for the outbreak. Unfortunately, notContinue reading “Bootleggers sold, and continue to sell, fake oil cartridge products.”