What are we really lighting up

Last month I reported on a mold findings in the cannabis, I had a very positive feedback, I have made it my business to do further research on the findings. It seems like there has also been, class action suits pesticides as well as mycotoxins, as a result, Inspections and raids have been ravishing Canada and the West Coast, now not only are there people paying attention, but it also has created critical thinking and even a new market for business.

Let’s talk about the bad news first, Mary J is an accumulator plant. There fore accumulating everything you feed into the roots, so not only picking up pesticides and toxins in the soil,  but in its buds as well, still after curing, which can also be root for mold. Cannabis can be infected with up to 5 different types molds,

  1. ​Aspergillus:  A family of a few hundred molds, very common both indoors and out. You would be hard pressed not to inhale its spores on a daily basis. Their effects range from the smell in stinky shoes and food spoiling to lung diseases in animals and humans, especially those with compromised immune systems
  2. Penicillium: Some species are used to create the antibiotic Penicillin and in the process of making cheese. Others can ruin fruit crops, or infect and harm animals and humans
  3. Rhizopus: Widely found on fruits, jellies, bread, peanuts, and tobacco. Some species are opportunistic invaders of humans through infection including diabetic complications
  4. Mucor: A fast growing mold that generally doesn’t affect warm-blooded creatures, a few species can cause rapidly spreading, necrotizing infections
  5. Botrytis: Also known as bud rot or bunch rot, it is most infamously known for affecting grapes. The word literally means “grape disease”. There are two types of infection of plants. “Noble rot” or dry rot is actually used to enhance the flavor of some wines while gray rot” or wet rot is a devastating killer of crops of strawberries, tomatoes, rhubarb, and cannabis. It can infect lungs causing a condition called “winegrower’s lung” in predisposed individuals.

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