In 1974 a group of scienists in the National Cancer Institute, published their findings that  Cannabinoids – delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), delta-8-THC, and cannabidiol (CBD)– were all able to suppress the growth of lewis lung adenocarcinoma cells in vitro and in mice. A body of pre-clinical evidence from spain and italy also supports the possibiliy of cannabinoids having anti cancer effects, but to date there has only been one human study. The human brain is enriched for the cannabinoid-1- receptor, it makes sense that gliomas are a particulaarly responsive to the antineoplastic effectts of cannabinoids.

This lead to other studies done in the Canary Islands, where scientists tested patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme, and the results were not very good.

So where is this idea and or notion that Cannabis cures cancer is coming from? it is a debate that has been boggling minds for 4 decades. we have examined and heard of numerous reports from several sources, one of them being a Canadian in 1974 heard that cannabis suppresses tumors, He was a boiler maintenance worker, 30 years later he had to deal with his own cancer experience. Three basal cell carcinomas, he treated them with a highly concentrated cannabis oil. When the lesions disappeared, the oil concentrate took on his name and before you know it the flood of theories and cures have invaded social media.

In 1993 the Siberian Ice Maiden was unearthed revealing a well preserved remains of a young woman that was alive over 2500, years ago.she had metastatic breastfeeding cancer and was found buried with a pouch of cannabis. In other words the young lady had been treating her symptoms with cannabis

A landmark study in 2010, found that earlier initiation of palliative care led to better outcomes for patients with aggressive non-small cell lung cancer.

In all this, yes further testing must be concluded and have, we also must remember the famous placebo effects, above all, educate your selves and others, which will be the basis of this News Magazine. All humans have body systems: cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, immune, nervous, musculoskeletal, and reproductive homeostatically regulated by the Marijuana like compounds that we all produce, known as endocannabinoids.

In human terms…every time you get hungry is because your brain made endocannabinoids that gives them the “munchies” “hunger” as if you were consuming cannabis. These facts weren’t created by weed advocates, but by years of science and evolution.

In the end better quality of life is what people are usually seeking, during diagnosis of the cancer. If you have a medicine, that can decrease pain, reduce vomiting and nausea, enhance appetite, improve sleep and mood. I would consider that to be, the cure to the worst of the evils,  if a patient’s disposition can be assisted, if there mood can be made to seem hopeful, not all is lost. In many cases that is when survival kicks in, and kicks ass.

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