Within the beginning of this pandemic several states declared dispensaries an essential business. With this announcement comes pro and cons; a contagion we don’t fully understand, along with lines and droughts that the american community is not used to or prepared for.

The fact that we have to be minimum 6 ft apart and yet be on a line waiting for weed. Which one is worst, I care not to ask, or even imagine, just in-case the universe has any jokes. What worst; staying without weed or making a line not get any weed and coming home a the killer flu from hell.

So with that being said home grow will be the new revolutionary pandemic rise, I mean its less dangerous, and no long ass lines . Cities are allowing medical dispensaries and recreational cannabis stores to remain open during the pandemic. Governments also lifted restrictions around delivery and curbside pickup rules. Industry leaders argued during an NJ Webinar that medical patients shouldn’t have to rely on outside sources to acquire plant medicine. This is especially true for at-risk patients, who could be placing themselves in more danger by accepting deliveries or picking up cannabis curbside.

As I type I just truly have to say New York Pa’cuando (for when in dominican argo) Look at how these states are dealing with this pandemic yet we can’t even have recreational. My brother legalize first like they did in Grassachusetts hash out details later we are tired of getting bagged and for smoking. This issue we are having with not enough equipment or masks and hazard equipment could have come from there like every other state with an emergency of this magnitude.

Meanwhile back at the ranch lawmakers and big industry players alike have fought home growing in multiple states. Home cultivation was included in the initial 2009 draft for medical marijuana legislation in New Jersey, but was eventually removed to increase its likelihood of passing.

The scheme worked. However, big MJ corps such as MedMen and Vireo Health advised New York lawmakers not to include home cultivation in recreational legislation because it would be too dangerous in the hands of consumers (which later inspired a parody from South Park).

An identical idea was schemed when trying to introduce recreational marijuana legalization on the Florida ballot in 2020. The campaign was backed by the state’s biggest medical marijuana players Surterra and MedMen, but banned any home growing in its petition. When it failed to garner enough support — despite raising $8.7 million in funding — some Florida cannabis advocates were quietly pleased, due to lack of a home growing provision.

While New Jersey advocates don’t believe anything will change in the short-term, they believe the coronavirus could eventually push lawmakers to reconsider the ban on home cultivation. Which is the good news, however so. The idea of revolution home grow is ever more being considered by the even novice of cannabis lovers. We can all agree on the word organic, misused cause every thing are body consumes is organic.

States that currently allow home cultivation for medical marijuana patients include Washington, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, and Missouri. Other states like Maine, Alaska, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Colorado allow home growing for recreational and medical users alike. Meanwhile, California, Michigan, Vermont, Oregon and Nevada permit medical patients to grow more plants than recreational customers.