Bootleggers sold, and continue to sell, fake oil cartridge products filled with questionable oils and using packaging of legitimate manufacturers, like Kingpen, Heavy Hitters, and Dank Vapes. Dank Vapes is a vape cartridge seller and an empty cartridge wholesaler, and was named by the CDC in their investigation as one of the vape culprits responsible for the outbreak.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the cannabis industry, is there to build a clean thriving customer complaint business. In fact some are just to rake in that dough as we say in the hoods.

It’s been pretty clear over the last year that not everyone has been in the cannabis business to build a thriving new cash crop industry. The stories of startups making claims about growth and sales, enticing investors, then bailing with millions in ill-gotten gains, have become part of the early history of this industry. Business fraud seems almost endemic right now.

Earlier issues of allegedly synthetic cannabinoid products being sold at truck stops, which were actually a green leafy substance sprayed with a chemical that caused agitation and hallucinations, were really the first instances of product fraud.. When the vaping crisis hit in 2019. Investigations reveales in fact how many were really in business for the cannabis patient and who was in business for the cash.

People were packaging packaging oils into cartridges that were actually cut with a substance that turned to tar inside the lungs of the user.

Making the product look like an official industry compliant product is pretty easy, too. Just go to There you will see a number of purported California Proposition 64 regulatory or warning labels that anyone can buy and stick on a package. No license from the state is needed, just an Amazon account.

Or go to and you can buy state compliant labels for eight other states.

Anyone can buy these labels. Some say indica or sativa, or allow you to check a box for indica or sativa. Some allow you to fill in a box for the THC level, and fill in another box for strain name.

Hey, it’s legitimate. A quick bottom-of-the-page disclaimer (“Note: LabelValue is not responsible for adherence to labeling guidelines or regulations for any industry application. Please ensure your use of labels is compliant with the regulations in your industry.”) allegedly gets the label maker off the hook.

Which is sad the consumer is complaining about how cannabis prices here comes the open market, (formerly known black market) with inexpensive shit that can be smoked and you can get medicated. Here comes the news channel informing you that your plug is poisoning you. There goes that plug however you aren’t in a legal state, and you don’t believe you can get a card.

Great example, New York state., even I have been a victim of fake vapes, however I have always been meticulous about terpenes and noticed too quickly that my vape wasn’t correct.

Can legalization help the industry, I think not. I firmly believe the taxes on legal cannabis will keep many buying bootleg.

to be continued…..