The Sapphire Medical Clinic is set to be the first clinic to prescribe medicinal cannabis. The Clinic which is based in Aberdeen, Scotland. They will prescribe cannabis for all medical conditions that have been proven that cannabis is beneficial in treating.

This obviously means that many patients in Scotland will have access to world-class experts observing, managing and treating their ailment and conditions with cannabis.

Medical cannabis is an exciting and rapidly developing field of medicine that could transform the lives of patients living with certain conditions. But prescription numbers have been low, held down by patients ​who are often in significant pain or with physical disabilities, being unable to travel the long distances to clinics.

The Patient Experience – an existing patient by the name of Lorna Bland. Has suffered from degenerative Disc Disease, and Fibromyalgia. She had been initially skeptical, about trying the infamous plant. After careful research she decided to try it. So far the Ms. Bland has been using for 5 months and to her surprise, the changes in her health have been significant, with out side effects.

Ms. Bland was only able to walk 1000 steps a day forcefully, her life was basically at a stand still in illness. Since securing her access to medicinal cannabis she can now do between 6,000 to 8,000 steps daily,  she can walk her dog, she can do housework and socialize with friends. She is both realistic and optimistic it isn’t a cure she says but it’s effective enough to allow me to start living a more fulfilling life than I have for over 12 years”.

Dr Michael Platt, internationally recognized clinician and Sapphire lead on pain said: “It is estimated that over 1.4 million people across the UK take cannabis to help alleviate the symptoms of a medical condition.

“The overwhelming majority of these people will have felt they have had no option other than to resort to the black market, and many of them will be deeply troubled by having to do so.  Sapphire operates to the highest standards of clinical governance so patients can be confident that any prescription of medical cannabis will be done as part of a rigorous and safe process. So, by opening the clinic in Aberdeen we will be giving patients a legal, safe and medically sound route to access what they need.

“The cost in some cases might be slightly higher, but the patient will have the benefit of peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that any prescription for medical cannabis will be of a medical grade product of consistent quality.  They will also have the benefit of access to a supportive and knowledgeable clinical team”.

Although this is great news, everywhere that they are giving the infamous plant a chance is very good news , however ultimately something has to be done about the cost. People need help let them grow their medication. you can grow aloe, however beneficial it also in excess cause liver sclerosis, you don’t here FDA taking smack about it. Mention Marijuana and even the United Nations has something to say.