Thankfully many of us survived, surpassed and slipped through the cracks of this illness. Unfortunately 7 had to pass away to get the message clear that the vapes cannot be trusted. In light of the situation. What we are left with is new regulations new information and way more stigma than what we had started with.

I will admit as a faithful cannabis smoker, I am in love with vaping, dabbing, danking, everything cannabis, now my question is this; “was I the only “pothead” that realized these vapes tasted like metal?”.

I had one plug that had a vape “85 percent THC and 12 percent Terpenes And 3 percent CBD”.

What a plug! Guess what is the most important part of a good smoke is? Just guess? It’s the Terpenes. After my infamous plug never have I ever tasted a vape with so much terps, it was down hill after that; every vape I recieved, I can clearly say it sucked unless it came from a legal state.


Meanwhile back at the ranch there were many that weren’t so perceptive. Many that were caught up.

Many happend to be six dead and hundreds ill.

Let’s examine some facts and clear ourselves of some confusions.

  • NY health authorities confirmed Vitamin E oils (tocopheryl-acetate.)
  • The Diluent known as Honey Cut entered the cannabis community scene in 2018. Vape makers report using it because it’s cheap thickener.
  • These 2 ingredients have been found in most of the cart seized in this state.
  • Honey cut is used to dilute THC oil without thinning its viscosity.
  • Most cases are associated with nicotine and CBD and THC carts, purchased via “grey market”
  • U.S health officials are investigating 215 possible cases fof severe lung disease associated with vaping across 25 states with several deaths asociated to vaping.

CDC & FDA stated “people who use vapes should not buy products off the street, modify e-cigarettes products or add any substances that are not intended by the manufacturer”. stated the CDC director Robert Redfield and acting FDA Commisioner Ned Sharpless in a joint statement to the press.

Federal official are working closely with the state and local health departments to track the outbreak. They have idetified 215 cased since August 27th. the number has increased since from 193 cases to 215 case by the 27tgh and to a new reported death just this week a total of 7 fatalities.

A patiient form Illinois died las week from a critical lung disease in what regulators consider the first death related to vaping in the U.S. As of Thursday the state a has recorded 27 cases that fit the description of the illness and another 8 need more investigation. In more than half of the cases, patients reported vaping THC oil bouhgt from the “grey market”.

There are many dangers to smoking cigarettes however, when it comes to vaping risk whether nicotine or THC these risks are unknown, the population has not been vaping over ten years to have a well documented studies on the side effects.

Currently, six deaths as a result of vaping have been confirmed in six different states, and 380 cases of severe lung illness associated with e-cigarettes have been reported across the US.

Why? Researchers still don’t know for sure—largely due to the fact that vaping is a relatively new trend (from 2011 to 2018, the rate of vaping among US high school students rose from 1.5%, or 220,000 students, to 20.8%, or 3.05 million students, per the CDC). But that doesn’t mean experts are totally in the dark about the negative health effects of vaping. From various lung illnesses to rare accidents, here’s everything we know so far when it comes to the dangers of e-cigarette use.

Vaping can irritate the lungs and lead to severe lung damage.

Vaping is still relatively new, which means research on its long-term effects (like how cigarette use can cause cancer) is unavailable. But, as far as short-term effects of vaping go, the risk is real.

“We know a lot of the short-term effects [on the lungs],” Dr. Carl says, explaining that vaping increases inflammation in the lungs. Vaping can also paralyze cilia, the “hair-like” projections in the airways of the lungs that remove microbes and debris, says Dr. Carl. When those cilia become paralyzed, they are rendered unable to do their job protecting the lungs, and this increases your risk of infection, like pneumonia. (Both lipoid pneumonia, a lung infection caused by the presence of lipids or fats in the lungs; and chemical pneumonia, a lung infection caused by inhalation of chemicals, have been linked to vaping.)

Vaping has also been linked to an “increased risk of wheezing and related respiratory symptoms,” according to a 2019 research paper published in the BMJ. The authors of the report analyzed data from nearly 30,000 individuals who smoked cigarettes, vapes, both, or neither. According to the findings, “compared with non-users, risks of wheezing and related respiratory symptoms were significantly increased in current vapers.” This is primarily caused by inflammation in users’ airways.

As if the stigma isnt enough!

The NY Cannabis Times will keep readers posted with any New Updates, On the latest in health concerns in the meantime We would like everyone to stay safe by lab tested and from licenced dispensaries.