The Innovators; The Apple of Gotham’s eyes.

Somewhere at the end of the rainbow, in a special place in the universe. There is a very nice laid back Vibe to chill around NYC. The vibe has become the apple of Gotham’s Eyes. With everything that maybe going on in the world, once you’re in the vibe, all is non existent.  In my own words, this is by far the sexiest mobile vibe in town. Unfortunately, for my readers; here at The NY Cannabis Times we are not your conventional news outlet. We plead the 5th on any questions about the pop up vibes that we are invited to. Sorry world. No sources. We aren’t TMZ. No pun intended at TMZ.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, you would think that everyone and their mom, would know where this pop up vibe is going to be at next. By the way your mom isn’t allowed to vibe with us.

The Innovators in the game have two years on word of mouth, and just when you think you have them pegged they change the lane, hell they have embodied the damn lane.

An introvert by second nature privacy and anonymity is priceless and many New Yorkers also value this sentiment. The Munkeys go out of their way to make sure these needs are met. No pictures, no social media check-ins, members only pop up vibes. They have been the host of countless speacialty vibes from the Last Prisoner Project, to the Tree elevation meditation (Sanna CBD yoga). The purpose of the Munkey is

  • 1. To bring us together
  • 2. Break the stigma.
  • 3. Zero nationalities.
  • 4. Zero social class.
  • To spread love the uptown way.

In light of hispanic heritage month, if I may add, what I hold dear, is that they’re of Dominican descent atleast two of them. To find this in the Cannabis Community is rare, however to witness someone that share many cultural characteristics that I have, and reach the levels of accomplishment, respect and admiration that they have recieved is a Domerican Cannabis dream come true. I being a member, follower, and friend. I extremely proud of their achievements. I stand by the sidelines watching in awe. Instead of going with the flow. They created their own flow. A true brand needs no business cards, needs no advertising. Truth be told recognition is a must.

They have this “yo no se qua that I care not to decipher; yet it’s impossible to resist. Their pop up vibe has attracted not one but two Cannabis Industry Awards in 2019. (A Cannabis Business Award by Chloe Villano & a NY Norml Cannabis Industry Award). It is no wonder they’re the Apple of Cannabis Gotham’s Eyes. Reaching a level of outdoing theirselves in every aspect of the game; and just when you think that you have caught up with the Happy Munkeys, they switch it up on you, like the great Craig Mack used to say “Check out this new flavor in ya ear” here comes the podcast.

You should be asking yourselves “okay, so how do I get in?” Well if you don’t know, you won’t; As the universal law dictates, if you think it, it will come. I am curious to experience what else they may have up their sleeves for 2020. Until then follow your nose it always knows.