Cannabis Rally 2019

I had the privilege to meet the one and only “Visine Queen” this past May at the Cannabis Rally NYC 2019. Amongst many other iconic cannabis activists. The “Visine Queen” is actually the Queen of cannabis cultured events gracing the scene with strategically catered art gallery events that scream “vibe” capturing the very essence of the plant which exudes creativity in its most Novice Toker.

A humble Queen that made her own lane; bringing her unique style of the Arts and Culture into NY Cannabis Culture.

Her speech given under New York’s acid rain, a young woman’s powerful voice, calling for unity, social equity, inclusion and expungement; her organization “dubbed” The Jane Doe Co for the Latin Community.

I was truly left amazed inspired and amped.

Education about the plant in the Latin community is scarce; especially in the Dominican community. Yes, she is of Dominican descent.

The stigma is strong in our communities. To have people looking like me & not afraid to speak up is the courageous to say the least. I have reluctance and hesitation to speak at times but it is due to my beginners activist beta mode, has yet to be tested appropriately. I feel like a kindergarten student at times at these events.


I am new to some of the NYC popular cannabis gatherings, while it helps to know that not all events are gentrified, it sure is less intimidating when they’re not gentrified. I’m sorry I am not going to lie. When I attended the Cannabis Rally, I had an 8k following on the Instagram blog. Grateful for my following and also healthy enough to go, (I have an auto immune disorder) let’s just say, I have my days; I met “High Mi Madre” another activist group. Leo Bridgewater and the ladies of Etain, Sun bud solutions.

I had a warm welcome from everyone to which I am thankful for (Michaela giving the most unforgettable welcoming.) You just had to be there for that one.

The Infamous award winning Happy Munkey entourage, which I must add, the vibes they bring to the table for lack of better term. Innovative, professional, inspiring, by the way were also in attendance at New York’s Cannabis Rally. They have played such a huge role in the development of my knowledge of Gotham’s City cannabis community.

The responsibility I have in my hands is a huge one.

The more advice the better.

I had met Happy Munkey Previously and had no idea they had been around for two years on just word of mouth among the toking elites. It was New York’s 420 weekend which is really the “New Years Eve for tribe smokers”.

I went in and I have been in love with the celestial sanctum since. The NY Cannabis Activist clique is low key yet in your face.

The people that make the NY Cannabis Community from Norml To the late Doug Greene. From the Munkeys down to the Visine Queen, you have so much to learn and absorb from these entrepreneurs. The Canna Divas were in the house and Womengrow weren’t far behind, this one article does not give the cannabis rally in NY justice.

Since then the date to the digital launching of The NY Cannabis Times has been pushed back for obvious reasons, in the meantime I must go forth publishing articles of the events and connections and the networks I have come across.

CannabiswithKymb was also in attendance along with an after party she hosted at SOB’s with her Tribe Tokes that evening was so lit, I was not lit enough to keep up, since I am a freshman to these events so what happens at an event stays at an event.

I try to be as careful as possible not to post anything that can be mistaken for engaging in illegal activities trust that we are far from engaging in such we are not criminals, we are responsible adults networking in ways that other cannot understand. I will be uploading continued articles on the events and archiving photos and videos please stay tuned give these IG’s mentioned above some love.

The message was clear inclusion, social equity, legalization. The one point repeated over and over “lose the stigma” we have to educate if I left there with a clear message is that we have to educate. This is not about getting high. So many talented intelligent people attend these events, that to think we are nothing but half baked potheads is such a sad shame and such a loss for those that would love to know more but are afraid of what they will encounter.

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