I was fortunate to meet KymB, at a Cannabis award event at Cannagather. She was a volunteer, KymB quickly became the guest of honor, guest speaker, mc and saved the night with her humor and bad girl mouth. a breathe of fresh air in a gentrifide industry. Cannabis KymB as I like to call her, has since moved on to grace covers of several outlets including Forbes, has grown tremendously in popularity and a must see at any event in the Industry.  Very real and very sweet and professional is the actual persona of this Pilates Instructor and Fitness Influencer Kymberly Byrnes. For over 20 years she has been blessing the Florida & NY health and fitness scene with her philosophy. If that wasnt enough she has her own line of cannabis cbd products.


Cannablis KymB promotes her Healthy lifestyle platform on Instagram @badgirlgoodhealth.  The hustle in Gotham is Real and Cannablis KymB is real and dedicated about 3 things: Fitness Cannabis, and inspiring others to get up and participate. “Just show up” as she says; In a speech at the brooklyn Law school.

Kymberly is a Certified Pilates Instructor. She has 4 national certifications and was a Teacher Trainer for the Equinox Pilates Teacher Training Program. She has taught hundreds of instructors the fundamentals of movement and control. Her background includes owning a several Pilates Studios in the South Florida area where she worked with athletes, models and the rich and famous. Cannablis Kymb is a very busy Queen Bee.  Now she graces New Yorks Cannabis Community Scene with Tribe Tokes, Lulu Lemon, and of course,  CannablisByKymB 

She has us working out, has us motivated and relaxed. She also has us dying to know what her next move will be. During the Cannabis Rally she stood out and called upon whom ever wants to be in the cannabis industry. Make your voice heard.

In every panel she is invited to she, makes all the difference. Her dedication hard work and resilience has made her one of NY Cannabis Times top 3 picks of Women in Cannabis 90 day Promo.

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