In the midst of the chaos


One kinetic evening CHHBA (pronounced chaba) was born. On an evening of fun and gala one of the writers of the NY Cannabis Times had a small incident in which a group of strangers came to the rescue twice.

First while in an award gathering an executive blatantly told her and the award winner to be quiet and later that evening with another shocker. To make a long story short. It’s not what happens its how you take it. It’s not an obstacle it’s an opportunity.

The writer heads back out the next day to find these people and thank them and to continue with the expo. She arrives dissapointed the event proved; just as she knew, that some corporate events are more dangerous than the ghetto she grew up in.

Meanwhback at the Cannabis World Congress Business Expo ranch. The strangers where in the midst of inquiring prices for a booth. The writer spots one of them grateful, she thanks them exchanges numbers, she is stopped. In comes the woman that did the intervening the night before.

Gracefully she states how all things are for a reason. This booth she was window shopping inquiring prices about quickly turned in to a contract.

It so happens that the CWCBEXPO has never had a Hispanic Cannabis and Hemp organization or corporation exhibiting at the expo in the 6 years that it has been at rhe Javitz center in NYC. Keyword Hispanic.

The writer throwing herself at her own dreams thinks the idea of being part of this, is historic and a privilege. The truth the writer is the owner of the NY Cannabis Times. The owner of the start up about to go digital. Not only did she become a co-founder of the Cannabis and Hemp Hispanic Buisness Alliance, The NY Cannabis Times is also a sponsor. Help us continue to be the voice of the Gotham city’s cannabis and hemp community in a larger scale and venue.


I am calling on the #cannabissociety #cannabisculture #cannabiscommunity to help sponsor CHHBA (chaba) we are here to educate in the fight for social equity in the cannabis community.

The NY Cannabis Times is giving a way a year contract in advertising for the first 20 cannabis corporations that sponsor CHHBA. Yes, you read correctly. Whole page spreads down to business card sizes will be included in this contract yes your choice. CHHBA consist of 4 Corps of cannabis tourism, hemp farming Colombian hemp farmers and the NY Cannabis Times.

Help us achieve the cannamerican dream. Email us or call at 917-742-2398

The sponsorship will pay for the $36000, dollar booth. Time is running out. The Good news is the. NY Cannabis Times Magazine goes digital in September. It would be such an accomplishment to know we will be part of the 2020 Cannabis World Congress Business Expo.

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