Advertising with The NY Cannabis Times.

Advertising with the NY Cannabis Times, is not difficult if you are from another state. Although that isn’t the case here for NY state Licensed dispensaries.


The advertising laws for cannabis industry businesses in NYC advertising laws are harsh this is why the NY Cannabis Times has decided to add several company logos for 90 days to our site. There is also a media kit, available if you are interested in advertising with NY Cannbais Times for 2020. Please Email us Or call 917-727-0574


We believe in giving back to our beloved cannabis community. We also believe in doing things the unconventional way; Advertising regulations are especially strict, as many marketing platforms restrict or outright ban cannabis advertisements due to the substance’s federal status. As the cannabis industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, it can feel overwhelming to keep up-to-date with the constantly-changing federal and state regulations below are the links of the winners, and above you have a link with the latest in NY state regulations.

The companies that won the the 90 day promo give away won in accordance with raising awareness that is all you have to do to be chosen. Raise awareness.


Their outstanding perseverance, outstanding work ethic and drive, were the reason they were chosen.


The New York Cannbis Times Magazine is not receiving any monetary compensation for having their logo or link as it stands. #payitforward


The NY Cannabis Times is giving a way a year contract in advertising for the first 20 cannabis corporations that sponsor CHHBA. Yes, you read correctly. Whole page spreads down to business card sizes will be included in this contract yes your choice. CHHBA consist of 4 Corps of cannabis tourism, hemp farming Colombian hemp farmers and the NY Cannabis Times.

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